How To Order Stamatis' Icons and Paintings

Choose from a huge selection of egg-tempera icons or acrylic paintings by world renowned artist Fr Stamatis from Athens, including breathtaking Orthodox Icons of Christ, the Mother of God or St George, St Nicholas, and pleiad of other Saints, including  the newly proclaimed Saint - the Venerable Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia. In his rich art collection, we also offer: serene and colorful landscape paintings, bold abstract paintings, etc.

All of Stamatis’ paintings are completely hand-painted on wood, canvas or board canvas by this master artist. Decorate your walls in style with the original finest icons, paintings and canvas art, ranging from the subtle brush stroks (authentic) in the Byzantine art, to the thick brush strokes evident in the Expressionism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism art styles. 

Stamatis Holy Icon invites you to explore the exciting world of real Stamatis’ paintings and canvas art. 

Simply put, Stamatis Holy Icon is your one stop source for the finest icons, paintings, painting reproductions and canvas art! 

Please, allow up to three months to receive your desired icon or painting, considering Fr Stamatis time and overseas shipping.


We pride ourselves on being the premier source for the finest Stamatis Icons, paintings and canvas reproductions at truly affordable prices. We promise that you will be thrilled with our painting reproductions and invite you to browse our extensive collection of painting reproductions on canvas that will sure to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

Holy Icon  in cooperation with Sebastian Press printing supply is offering extremely high quality canvas printing of all of Fr Stamatis' artistic works.

No job is too small or too big! Whether you would like to adorn your home, church, church halls, or give a special gift to your loved ones, we are offering reasonably priced icons, frescos, and paintings to you!

Displayed illustrations are just some of the examples of Fr. Stamatis' considerable collection. Pick any of hundreds of extraordinary artistic works written by this contemporary iconographer, rendered in the highest quality, now made available for your home or church through our custom mounting process.

To order your choice of canvas reproduction painting, in desirable format dimension, please contact us by email, or call Ana at (847) 571-3600.

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