Saint Maria of Paris (Skobtsova), acrylic on canvas, 2021, Stamatis Skliris
It is a resurrectional, eschatological image which shows—in the misery and smallness and destructiveness of Nazism—St. Maria Skobtsova with a smile in her soul, brave, and contagious, that transforms and transfers the landscape to heaven, where we will meet together, both victims and executioners, in the eternal party of the Kingdom of God! The secret key is the Crucified whom she holds in her arms with longing like a precious treasure, the One who made her take the place of the prisoner and be executed like Him.

My the Christian surrealism the Crucified long live!
The barbed wire, the watchtower in the center and above the Eiffel tower means the perishable space, while the new heaven and the new earth—signified by the surreal colors of the ground and the tree of life—and the blue people in the air signifying the eschatological mode of existence.
I wish we could run to death with a smile!

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