The Dream of a Ridiculous Man - Video 2

A Visual Tribute to the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-2021)

Painting exhibition of the group “OCHRE” in the METS Art Gallery, 6 Eugeniou Voulgareos in METS, Athens, September 17, 2021.

"OCHRE" is an informal group of painters, who have contributed to the traditional Orthodox iconography but at the same time are in dialogue with the modern artistic trends. The exhibition is organized with great passion by the 16 artists and has exceeded all expectations.

In principle, the exhibit is characterized by great pluralism. It hosts various currents and artistic trends, which are in a harmonious dialogue with each other. One sees Byzantine elements conversing with impressionist, expressionist, cubist, abstract, as well as features of street art, graffiti, etc.

The works emit a deep study and understanding of Dostoevsky’s novels. It is very important that young painters have so seriously studied the great writer and philosopher at a time when electronic images and soap operas distract readers from great and essential works and wither Literature.

It is obvious that we have before us an important robust and fruitful spiritual event, which will be a station for the artistic events in Greece and it is not excluded that its message will spread to other countries.

The following artists participate: Fr. Stamatis Skliris, George Kordis, Fr. Maxim Vasiljevic, Babis Pylarinos, Costas Lavdas, Maria Panou, Giannoulis Lymperopoulos, Nektarios Mamais, Fotis Varthis, Konstantinos Kougioumtzis, Christos Kechagioglis, Nektarios Stamatelos, Gordana Radogievich, Despina Karantani, George Margaritis, Christina Papatheou-Douligeri.

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